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“You can’t judge a book by its cover. Really? And yet, most of us do, all the time. Let us be honest, have you ever come across a book shopper going into a book store, just picking the book, not glancing at the cover, and heading straight to the payment counter and buy it? No. it is unreal. Book cover design is as essential in the choice of the book as the appearance of any other item we purchase. We are visual beings. Seeing is as normal as breathing. We get attracted to book designs. And even though the blurb, the author, the publishing house is analyzed by the book buyer – the title designs are equally important. Our agency has creatives, designers, illustrators, artists, and book publishing masterminds in the team who get together to bring clients the perfect final product of book cover title designs. Since we have a literature background, we all are book nerds in one way or another. Comic book fandom, classic admirers, or contemporary lovers – the squad is ideal for aiding the writer’s journey. We understand the fundamentals of beauty and interactivity in a book design.” Alice Mathews, the Promotions Executive, began the press release.

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